Construction workers ask for better health support

A report released by Westfield Health has indicated that 64% of construction workers would like improved physical and mental health support in their workplaces and 35% suggest that a portion of National Insurance payments should be used for this purpose.

Of the construction workers questioned, 52% say that it is the government’s responsibility to promote wellbeing, however 35% felt that employers should do more for their workers. 64% said that they would certainly use any services provided by their employer to improve their physical and mental health. 42% would like to prioritise exercise, 35% wanted health check-ups and 34% felt hat dental check-ups would be their priority.

It has been stated by Mind Matters that mental health issues are suffered at twice the average within the construction industry.

David Capper, the commercial director of Westfield Health has said that the Uk sees a loss of 12.5 million days every year to stress and anxiety, therefore health initiatives could relieve some of these issues. He points out that health and mental wellbeing problems can lead to mistakes and accidents in a sector like construction. He would like to see the health and wellbeing of all employees prioritised to improve confidence and ultimately improve prosperity.

The money for these possible changes could come from current National Insurance payments. 75% of the total number of people questioned say that payments for wellbeing could be paid for in this way, however 70% agree that the NHS does not have the budget for this. An auto-enrolment scheme for wellbeing programmes is being suggested.

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