EU standards for construction products will stay even with no-deal Brexit

The government has confirmed that construction products that are currently suitable for use in Europe will remain open for use in the UK, even in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Guidance recently released has confirmed that a draft statutory instrument that was written in December 2018 will still apply. The guidance stated that all existing European standards would become UK designated standards. This list of standards will be published and maintained by the government and will be a UK-wide approach and standards will apply at a UK level.

However, the government has stated that while the building industry will be able to continue using the same products they usually do, there was no guarantee that products from the UK could be used in a similar way across the EU. This would be a decision for the European Commission. On that, the Commission has released a statement saying that UK bodies will not be able to perform conformity assessment tasks according to Union product legislation from the withdrawal date.

The Government has also confirmed that the qualifications of EU architects will remain recognised and access to jobs within their home state will be possible, as long as immigration policies are adhered to. This move has been welcomed by RIBA chief executive Alan Vallance who has said that this clarity will take away much of the concern for architects as they can register to work in much the same way as they currently do.