Households more likely to hire builders who employ apprentices

According to the latest figures by FMB (Federation of Master Builders), around 50% of households would prefer to hire a building company that employs apprentices. This has come to light after a survey was carried out on the first day of National Apprenticeship week in England asking 2000 people for their thoughts. 

Not only would they be more likely to employ these companies, they’d be more likely to recommend them too. It is therefore in a building firm’s best interest to make it known that they are an advocate of training up the next generation of tradespeople. No longer do clients care purely about the work that’s carried out- they also want to know about the values that the company upholds.

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of FMB said “It makes sense that a business that invests in young people is seen in a better light. If the burgeoning skills crisis in the construction industry wasn’t enough to motivate those firms not already training to start doing so, hopefully this evidence will do the trick. It’s helpful to know that apprenticeship training can not only provide rewarding career opportunities for young people, but it can also help a firm’s bottom line.”

Next month in the UK, the government are introducing an Apprenticeship Levy on large firms in numerous sectors, not just in the construction sector., This is due to the fact that,at the moment, two-thirds of all apprentices are currently trained by SME’s. By doing this, there should be a greater awareness of the benefits of training up the future workforce.